Creative Industries

Pacific culture is rich with sculpture, tribal collectibles, paintings, Pacific design, weaving, fabric and other forms of creative production. Investment opportunities exist in this specialised area.  Please read the listings below. If you see a listing of particular interest, click ‘More’ and fill in your email details. Our Creative Industries Business Investment specialists will contact you with further information.

Sea Shell Marketing - Solomon Islands

The business is a Sea Shell crafting project.  It has started as an individual business with the passion of shell making for the production of jewelleries. Sea shell crafting is one of the Arts in the Solomon Islands.  It is one of the big hardicrafts that people in Solomon Islands are engaged on.  In Solomon Islands it is commonly known as "Shell Money" making.

Shell money is very important in the Solomon Islands because of its values and the attributes given to by the cultural and the traditional significances that the societies used to attach to the product.  In Solomon Islands, shell money is widely used by most people in a number of provinces, including; Malaita, Guadalcanal and Makira.  These provinces used shell money for pride prize, purchasing of goods, payment of compensation to settle tribal conflicts, etc.