Fishery Investment opportunities are available across the Pacific. These range from traditional fishing, to specific shellfish and aquaculture. Please read the listings below. If you see a particular listing of interest click ‘More’ and fill in your email details. Our Fisheries & Aquaculture Business Investment specialists will contact you with further information.

International Resort Supplies Limited - Fiji

International Resort Supplies Ltd is an established seafood company incorporated in Fiji since February 2011, and is currently looking for an INVESTOR to co-finance the company's expansion plans in both local and international markets. The company is the retailer, wholesaler and exporter of fish and meat. 



Land Suitable for Crab & Prawn Farm - Navua, Fiji

This freehold property is for SALE. 5.03 acres sutiable for large scale farming, such as a seafood business with a crab and prawn farm. 


Aquaculture Technologies of the Marshall Islands - Ajeltake, Marshall Islands

ATMI Inc. operates a hatchery/nursery, feed mill and sea-cages of moi fish (Pacific Threafin) in their lagoons in Majuro Atoll.  Moi is a premium fish in the US and other Asian markets.  Its gestation of growing moi has a short turnaround rate from hatchery to harvest of only 8 months.  Hawaii market requires 50,000 pounds of moi fish.  Taiwan also requires several containers per month.They have 20 employees and hired a Hawaiian consultant to take care of the hatchery and grow-out operation in the project site. They consider Joint venture, equity participation but they prefer a loan.


Indigo Seafood - Palau, Micronesia

This aquaculture project in Palau seeks EQUITY PARTICIPATION. The business is  about to produce giant clams for local food markets and export in aquarium market.The Company will launch aqua-pods to raise fin fish for food market locally and for export. The hatchery will be a multi-purpose project and plan to produce other marine species that are in-demand in the market.


Laba Aquaculture Project - Port Moreseby, Papua New Guinea

This venture entails Barramundi farming near Port Moresby to provide daily and affordable supply of fresh fish. The proposed project will employ the RAS system- reduces the health risks to the fish (and consumer) while reducing the amount of pollution to the environment and reducing the amount of fish feed needed.The project is seeking JOINT VENTURE or EQUITY PARTICIPATION


Hula Fisheries Cooperative Society - Papua New Guinea

Hula Fisheries Cooperative Society (HFCS) is a village community based organisation providing Ice making machine that can produce 24 ice blocks every 11 hours and stock them in the deep freezer for another 12 hourst to strengthen quality before selling to community and 7 of the nearby villages.

The Cooperative focuses on marine resources activities and other seafood products besides what was initially started as ice making.  The fishing methods commonly used by fisherman are handling, vertical long-line, trolling, netting, diving and spear fishing.

Species commonly caught are yellow fin tuna, skipjack tuna, red snapper, sweet-lips, mixed reef fish, longtoms and shells. 


Freshwater Prawn Farming - Fiji

An exciting opportunity is available for Freshwater Prawn Farming on commercial scale on a 115-acre freehold land in Yaqara, Ra. Four ponds are in operation.  1,000's of post lavae fries are supplied with full support from the Fisheries Department.  This can potentially be a huge market and high income venture.  The owner(s) are seeking a joint venture partner or outright sale of the property to an interested investor.  The property also has an underground water source, alongside clean creek nonstop flowing out into sea.  Essential resources are available for variety of prawns & expansion for future export.  Water analysis report from Department of Mineral Resources is available.



Navua - Fiji

Freehold land - 5.03 acres suitable for large scale farming, seafood business like crab and prawn farm.