Food & Beverage

A great variety of packaged, branded food & beverage produce, common to the tropical Pacific, is available throughout the Island Nations we represent. If you see a particular listing of interest below, click ‘More’ and fill in your email details. Our Food & Beverage Business Investment specialists will contact you with further information.

Maena Foods - Matavera, Cook Islands

This GREENFIELD OPERATION is for sale. The iconic fast food outlet and petrol station has lots of potential , with reasonable rent and lease conditions. 


Pacific Springs Ltd - Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Pacific Springs Ltd is a 100% Cook Islands-owned beverage company located on the main island of Rarotonga. They are ideally positioned to service both the local and tourism markets, their core business is bottled water and carbonated soft drinks. 


Saltwater Cafe - Rarotonga, Cook Islands

This iconic cafe is a true TURNKEY OPERATION and has both  indoor and outdoor dining - covered veranda and panoramic ocean and lagoon views. Located opposite the Tuora Beach, famous for being the halfway mark along with pristine waters and tropical fish, this location is more than ideal.


Agro-processing Business - Federated States of Micronesia

The valid reasons for investing in agro-processing in the FSM are as follows:  firstly the FSM does not have an agro-industry at the moment, secondly, there is abundant raw material available; and thirdly, the existence of a sub-regional market.  For potential investors, there are opportunities for partnership with existing small producers who lack the necessary financial capital and technology.


Bottled Water Industry - Federated States of Micronesia

Interested investors could choose to operate as sole proprietorship or partner with local investors to enhance the competitiveness of the existing burgeoning water industry.  There are also opportunities in the area of plastic bottle manufacturing to support the water industry.


Living Springs (Fiji) Limited - Suva, Fiji

Living Springs (Fiji) Limited is looking for a JOINT-VENTURE partner to invest in their proposed water bottling project, and their existing company export business, which includes processing and the export of cassava, taro, reef fish and local vegetable products.


Distributor for Natural Sasalapa - Samoa

This exciting private business is looking to form a PARTERNSHIP with an investor, to further expand and establish their business for internationalisation through CAPITAL FUNDING.Their product 'Natural Sasalapa Drink' has fantastic health benefits, as well as proving to have weight loss benefits especially suited for those with non-communicable ailments. 


Kurumul Tea & Coffee Rehabilitation Project - Anglimb South Whagi District, Papua New Guinea

The 60 hectares of tea plantation is planned to be replaced by coffee bringing coffee plantation area up to 160 hectares. The owner is looking for a JOINT VENTURE partner to rehabilitate and manage their tea and coffee plantation. More importantly to revive the Parchment Dry Factory for green bean processing for exports.


Ambunti Coffee Rehabilitation Project - Wewak, Papua New Guinea

The project during its operational years provided a means of income generation for locals in the area whilst similarly making money for the project owners.  Ambunti district is a coffee growing district and it has been a target during the era when coffee was the major agricultural entity for the province. The owners would like to have interested investors FUND and revive the coffee industry in the district for export to overseas markets.


Manea Foods - Cook Islands

Fastfood and petrol station for sale.  It is a 619 sq meter section.


Confectionaries (Fiji) Limited - Fiji

Confectionaries (Fiji) Limited is a locally owned company which specializes in Indian Sweet & Snacks.  The company is very well established in Fiji and serving the local markets since 2003.

The buyers are situated all over Fiji including Vanua Levu.  Confectionaries (Fiji) Limited is keen in product development and is undertaking research on other products for domestic and export markets.

Confectionaries (Fiji) Limited has been awarded the Fijian Made and Fijian Packed emblem for its various products.


Block 1 Deuba

Freehold - 35 acres suitable for setting up water-bottling plant company with Mineral Resources Department tested water source.