Forestry investment opportunities are available in selected Pacific Nations. Please read the listings below. If you see a listing of particular interest below, click ‘More’ and fill in your email details. One of our Forestry Business Investment specialists will contact you with further information.

Ioma Block 5 FMA Project - Popondetta, Papua New Guinea

To achieve the objectives of the Ioma Block 5 FMA Project sustainability of the forest area in respect of timber production and to safeguard its environment impacts, a selective felling on a 35 year cutting will be adopted. ORDL views the project as an exciting challenge and an opportunity to participate in the development of a major area in Oro province where ORDL will inject one of its major investments in PNG. ORDL is seeking a JOINT VENTURE or EQUITY PARTICIPATION.


Ganai Forest Area - Papua New Guinea

Located in the Central Province in the Abau District, Papua New Guinea, this project is based on customary landowners managing and benefiting from their local resources which in this case is timber/forestry through a local landowner company initiative/model.

The project area is basically untouched that was not included in the previous FMA areas and is home to various species more particularly, Rosewood and Kwila which are currently on high demand.

Recently the Landowner Company has negotiated with a timber importer in Vietnam which will be exported there by early March or mid March. 


Kilimeri Block Forest Clearing Authority Project - PNG

It is a long-term development project initiated by Kilimeri people of Block 1 & 6 FCA that will basically involve with the following activities: commercial log harvesting, exporting of logs for the first four years, processing of logs sawmilling and veneer production, marketing of sawn timbers of domestic and international markets, commercial oil palm plantation development or estate, oil palm harvesting and processing plant, commercial cattle grazing, cattle exporting, reforestation, etc.

The proposed company named Wapol Sawmill Ltd is looking for the potential investors/developers to develop the area into this major project. 


Gadaisu Agro-Forestry Project - Papua New Guinea

The project is an agro-based project preferably intended by the proponent to be established as an Oil Palm Estate Development with subsidiary logging investment option.

The project site has an agriculturally rich land of 53,000 hectares surveyed and ready for land title to be issued by Department of Lands.  There is an additional 53,000 acres yet to be surveyed and granted land title.  The land title was issued under specific stakeholding Incorporated Land Groups (ILG's) given the customary ownership status of the land which is investment viable.



Vakisaemmo Logging Investment - Fiji

A 77 hectares of Native Land containing over 32 species of trees/timber within the Mataqali land is available in Nabukaluka Village, Naitasiri to form a joint venture partnership with a foreign investor.  The land area is convered with indigenous virgin forest that contains native species of trees equal to 40cm in diameters at breast height.  The area is accessible by road which lies about 2km from the main village.


Veivueti Logging and Sawmill - Fiji

There is a great opportunity to form a joint venture with a Veivueti Logging and Sawmill that has a land area of 3000 acres (1,214.5 hectares) of virgin forest in native land.  The area is located at Namuamua Village in Namosi and has close to 32,000cm of logs in volume.  Consent of the Namosi Provincial Council, Turaga-ni-Mataqali together with his Mataqali is secured.


Mataqali Navuti - Fiji

2877 acres of Native Land is available in Waidina, Naitasiri for potential logging business.  Details can be made available after negotiations.