Mining & Natural Resources

Many Islands in the Pacific are replete with minerals, rare metals, phosphates, precious metals and other natural resources. If you see a listing of particular interest below, click ‘More’ and fill in your email details. Our Mining & Natural Resources Business Investment specialists will contact you with further information.

Polymetallic Nodule - Tonga

Tonga Offshore Mining Limited (TOML), subsidiary of Nautilus Minerals, has been granted a right to develop a polymetallic nodule deposit in the central Pacific by the International Seabed Authority in the CCZ (Clarion Clipperton Zone).

TOML is looking for INVESTORS to expand the minerals exploration in Tonga.  While Mineral Reserves have not yet been defined, the above resource equates to about 100 years production for a large metal plant.  Nickel and manganese are seen to be the critical co-products, copper, cobalt and maybe molybdenum (not yet reported) are by-products.



Seafloor Massive Sulfide - Tonga

Nautilus Minerals is the first publicly listed company to commercially explore the deep ocean floor mineral deposits.

They are looking for INVESTORS to explore more seafloor mining in Tonga.  High grade SMS also occur in the territorial waters of Tonga.  As a first mover, Nautilus has exploration tenements in some of the most prospective areas of the Tongan SMS province.


Mongi-Bulum Hydro Power Project - Finschafen, Papua New Guinea

Mongi-Bulum Hydropower Project is one of the potential hydro development projects embarked by PNG Power Limited to meet the growing demand for electricity around the country especially for the mining projects around Morobe Province and the Ramu Grid in the medium and long term. The project entails, a pre-feasibility study to be conducted to establish the engineering, hydraulics and power plant design concept and the technical parameters of the project as well as an order of costs. It will also need a transmission line, road infrastructure and a requirement to compare the preferred hydro project with an alternative source of power, such as thermal generation.This project is considered to be extremely important to the development and reliability of the Ramu/Kaugel hydroelectric scheme. The location of the Mongi-Bulum system as close to the industrial city of Lae is also an important consideration. The project requires debt financing or equity participation. 


Ramu Resource Development Ltd - Papua New Guinea

Ramu Resource Development Limited is seeking a joint venture partner to set up alluvial mechanize mining in the middle of Ramu district, Madang Province, PNG. Minerals Resource Authority has indicated and confirmed of high mineralization deposits identified in several areas within the Tenement. 


Swangs Stone Limited - Papua New Guinea

The proponent is seeking joint venture partnership to tap into a multi-million kina investment opportunity within the biodiversity and alluvial mining sector.The compulsory emphasis is placed also on the environment conservation and proper management of these activities which is crucial for guaranteeing a multi-million kina investment opportunities for all parties involved.The community clans project has the support of the community to implement the great monetary returns and benefit from this activity.



Limestone Mining - Papua New Guinea

Limestone is processed into specialty lime (quick & hydrated) a useful product used in chemical industry, mining industry, and agriculture and construction sector.  The objective of the project is to set up a Lime Processing Plant in Morobe Province to extract andprocess the limestones into designated products to meet the growing industrial market demnad both domestic and abroad. Feasibility study findings by PNG Halla Ltd and Department of Commerce & Industry highly recommend the quality of the limestones. The project is located in Yabem/Mape LLG, Finschafen District, Morobe Province, PNG. 


NG Limestone Mining Project - Papua New Guinea

The limestone mining project is located at Sangkwep, 30 km to the North West of Lae near a suitable source of limestone for producing lime and associated products.  The plant is designated to produce 2,000 mt per year up to 600,000 mt per year.  The limestone itself can be broken down into two materials that have a broad industrial application and demand:  calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and calcium oxide (CaO), more commonly called lime or quicklime. 


Oil & Gas - Papua New Guinea

The sighting and flaring confirmed the presence of natural gas in the village of Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea. 

The result from these overwhelming seeps indicates that there is potential for hydrocarbon accumulation in the area.  The seep sample was sent to Australia and geochemical analysis results indicated geniune crude oil.




Groundwater Sector - Fiji

Department of Mineral Resources have carried out field test and established presence of water basin on 51 acres of Native in Nanavu Village in Tailevu Province.  The site is located some 12 kilometres away from Korovou Town, along the tar sealed Lodoni Government road.

Landowners have been advised to work with a reputable investor in carrying out water test and survey of the catchment area.  Lease negotiation are to go through iTaukei Lands Trust Board (TLTB) under a Commercial/Special Lease.  Report from Mineral Resource is available if needed.


Deuba Empire Property - Fiji

35 acres of Freehold Land in Deuba has been identified to have a water source.  The source has been tested by the Department of Natural Resources.


Fresh Water Business - Matailobau Village, Fiji

The land owners are seeking a reputable investor for a joint venture business for a native land with water source known for its healing properties.  Australian lab test result of the water is available.  The Department of Mineral Resources has visited the village to survey the water source.


Mataqali Noibuli - Fiji

Land is accessible from the Queens highway through Nawai road and onto the graveled surface Nawaicoba road which is 15km inland.

The land comprises of moderate to hilly terrains with excellent scenic views of surrounding areas.  The neighborhood is predominantly characterized by small holding agricultural farms to big scale cane farming.  Although the project site is a good area for manganese mining.

More comprehensive services like medical and the nearest post office is available in Nadi town which are located approximately 19km from the site.  Additionally, Port