Agricultural enterprises exist across the Pacific. They offer NZ importers a variety of tropical and sub-tropical produce common to the Pacific, from spices to fruit, sweet potato to coconut - any number of fruit & vegetables. Importing opportunities in the Agricultural sector will vary from Island to Island. If you see a listing of particular interest below, click ‘More’ and fill in your email details. One of our Agricultural Trade specialists will contact you with further information.

Fresh Produce

The Pacific region is home to a variety of lush tropical fruits and fresh vegetables.  Favoured by excellent growing conditions it yields some of the world’s nutritious produce ranging from mangoes, bananas, watermelons, lemons, papaya, breadfruit, squash, coconuts (tender fresh green coconuts to dry coconut) and many more. We have a  strong network of growers and suppliers across the 14 Pacific Island countries supplying the best quality fresh produce.