The Pacific Nations are renowned for their natural beauty and unspoiled environments. Consequently, the production of organic produce and products occurs in many Island nations.  If you see a particular Organics Trade listing of interest below, click ‘More’ and fill in your email details. Our Organics Trade specialists will contact you with further information.

Health Juices & Well-being products

For centuries, Pacific Islanders have drawn from mother natural herbs and plants as healing ailments for maintaining their health. The Pacific offers a variety of natural products from herbal juices such as –noni, aloe, pandanus to supplements like kava to natural insect repellents . We have a list of suppliers of herbal and well-being products in Cook Islands, Fiji, Federal States of Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.


Organic food products

With the increasing demand for organic products by health conscious consumers, the Pacific Islands offers a diverse array of natural food products. Products include gluten free-breadfruit flour, organic coconut oil, coconut sap sugar, and many more. We have established tight connections with suppliers of organic food products in Samoa, Vanuatu, and Kiribati.