Skincare & Cosmetics

The export of specialised skincare & cosmetic products, utilising the natural advantages of the unspoilt Pacific, occurs from a number of Island Nations. Please read the listings below. If you see a particular listing of interest click ‘More’ and fill in your email details. Our Skincare & Cosmetics Trade specialists will contact you with further information.

Body Care Products

The Pacific offers an assorted array of natural products specially designed for the beneficial effects on the body.  With our 100% natural body sponge ideal for removal of makeup to the natural insect repellent body sprays. We have key suppliers in Federal States of Micronesia and Fiji.


Natural Beauty Products

Discover the Pacific’s beauty secret to beautiful skin and hair by indulging in the regions natural skin and hair care products.   The region has its own unique blend of organic coconut oil to coconut cream lotions fused with other tropical ingredients that essentially promote radiant skin and luscious hair.  We have suppliers of skin and hair products in Fiji, Samoa, Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea and Niue.